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Why is My Pine Tree Losing its Needles?

Why is My Pine Tree Losing its Needles?

When pine trees experience needle loss, it’s a different situation versus when it happens with deciduous trees. Pines do not regrow any needles that they lose and if they lose too many, it can spell the death of the tree. The following are some top reasons why your pine tree might be losing its needles and what you can do to help:

Needle Blight

This fungus affects pine trees and causes brown needles. It likes cool and wet conditions in the spring and most often affects injured trees. Prevent it by only pruning in the winter and giving the tree regular watering.

Pine Wilt

This is a fatal condition caused by a roundworm. The worm eats through the trees cells and keeps it from transporting water to its parts. One symptom is needle loss. Unfortunately, once a tree is infected, your main concern should be keeping it from infecting other trees. Remove the tree and burn it or have it taken away from your property.

Pine Bark Beetle

These pests go after injured or weak pine trees and keep it from getting nutrients and water. Prevent it by keeping trees adequately watered and fed. Infected trees should be removed.

Phytophthora Root Rot

This is a soil fungus and happens in places with poorly drained wet soil and warm conditions. Prevent it by planting trees in well-drained spots and use fungicide to help an infected tree.