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Tree Service Clear Creek NC

Tree Service in Clear Creek, NC

The main differences between Hendersonville Tree Service and our competition has been our high quality of workmanship and focus on superior customer service. Our prices are low for tree care and you’ll find that our employees are very knowledgeable and experienced.  We provide a wide array of residential and commercial tree care services including:

  • tree removal/stump removal/grinding
  • tree pruning/ornamental pruning
  • tree cutting/branch cutting
  • crown reduction/crown elevation/thinning
  • lot clearing/land clearing
  • hazardous tree inspections
  • storm tree damage cleanups 
  • tree disease control
  • tree planting/transplanting 

Tree Removals in Clear Creek, NC

You can always count on Hendersonville Tree Service provide fast tree removal where and when you need it. Did you know that we also provide 24-7 emergency tree removal? Whether your tree has fallen because of a storm or your just trying to remove a dead tree in your yard, we can help. The main reasons why trees need to be removed include:

  1. The tree is dead, has declining health or is diseased 
  2. It’s an environmental nuisance (it drops seeds, sap, needles, cones, leafs, and bark all over the ground) 
  3. The tree is leaning into your roof, power lines, or windows. 
  4. The roots are posing a threat to your driveway, sidewalk and underground utilities. 
  5. The tree has major storm damage and there’s no way to fix it other than to remove it. 

Hazardous Tree Inspections in Clear Creek, NC

Trees can become a major liability if left unchecked. Sometimes the worst damage is not visible to the naked eye. It may only be visible to an expert. If you don’t check out your trees or inspect them, it’s possible that after another storm it may collapse. Our specialists will visit your property and survey your existing trees for damage. We look out for things such as cracks in the tree’s trunk, exposed roots, dead or low hanging branches and diseased bark.

If you’ve got questions, concerns, or would like to schedule a free estimate, feel free to call us at (828) 775-6210. 

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