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Tree Service Blue Ridge NC

Tree Service in Blue Ridge, NC

You’ve made a great decision checking out Hendersonville Tree Service. We offer the best in residential and commercial tree care services throughout Blue Ridge, Henderson County and North Carolina. You can always count on us to provide high quality work at affordable prices in comparison with the competition. We specialize in a variety of tree services including:

  • tree removal
  • tree pruning/ornamental pruning/trimming/branch cutting
  • crown reductions/thinning/elevating
  • storm tree damage cleanups/sap/leaf/bark/deadwood cleanups
  • stump removals/grinding
  • tree disease control/tree spraying
  • tree planting/transplanting
  • lot clearing/land clearing

Tree Removals in Blue Ridge, NC

Having your tree removed is serious work. It’s always important that you do the necessary research before hiring a specific tree removal company. You need to find someone who’s fully insured, licensed and more importantly-experienced. What would you do if you hired an inexperienced tree company and the tree they’re cutting down destroyed a part of your property? This can all be avoided by just hiring someone who has plenty of tree removal experience.

Tree Pruning in Blue Ridge, NC

The main objective of pruning your trees is to make them appear more natural and healthy. There are a variety of benefits toward pruning your trees.

  1. On fruit trees, it can improve the size and quality of your crop
  2. It protects the branch structure
  3. Gives your tree a more natural, neat shape
  4. Eliminates hazards such as falling limbs or low hanging branches
  5. It prevents the spread of disease and insects by reducing entrances
  6. Increases air circulation through the tree
  7. Increases light penetration which is needed for lawn growth
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