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  • Henderson County Tree Service Experts

    If you’re in need of any type of tree service, including pruning, removals, trimming, or cleanups. Call us, we’re experienced, affordable and owner operated.

    Did we mention that we're also fully insured, experienced and owner-operated?

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  • Hendersonville Tree Removal Specialists

    If you’ve got trees on your residential or commercial property within Hendersonville that are in danger of falling or have already fallen, we can provide you with a hassle-free tree removal experience.

    Whether it's just standard service or you've got an emergency in the middle of the night..

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  • Tree Pruning Professionals Serving Hendersonville, NC

    If your trees aren’t looking to great lately, we can help spruce them back into shape with our expert tree pruning/trimming services!

    We provide crown reductions, crown thinning, and even shrub trimming

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Tree Services in Hendersonville, North Carolina

These days, it can be a real hassle trying to find a legitimate tree services company. This means finding someone affordable, experienced and professional.  We truly value our customers and our work. The consistent quality and attention to detail that we put in, truly shows in the finished product.  Hendersonville Tree Service specializes in a multitude of unique tree care solutions. These include everything from tree pruning to tree removals and back to tree planting.  If you’re curious about how we can take better care of your trees, or you’re in need of some tree work, please give us a call. We truly love the residential and commercial tree work we get to do in Hendersonville, NC and surrounding areas. You can reach us for free tree estimates and questions at (828) 775-6210 or our e-mail.

Our Coverage Areas

Although our office location is in Hendersonville, NC, We specialize in offering tree services, removals and pruning within surrounding areas of Henderson County. These include Balfour, Barker Heights, Bat Cave, East Flat Rock, Etowah, Flat Rock, Fletcher, Fruitland, Gerton, Horse Shoe, Laurel Park, Mills River , Mountain Home, Saluda, Tuxedo, Valley Hill, and Zirconia

Hendersonville Tree Removal

Tree removal isn’t the most well liked service because we’re removing objects in nature. However, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary for the safety of the people and property around you. Whether you need tree removal done at 11am or 3 in the morning, we’ve got you covered. We offer complete 24-7 emergency Henderson County tree removals.

Hendersonville Tree Pruning

Want your trees to look better and be healthier than your neighbor’s? We can help you with that! Our Hendersonville tree pruning experts can trim and prune the tree of your dreams. We can help restore them back to their natural beauty and shape.

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Our Hendersonville Tree Service Specialties

Sometimes we get asked what makes us unique.  Our answer is always the same; customer satisfaction. We truly care about you the customer as well as the tree work that we provide. Whether it’s a residential or commercial Hendersonville tree service job or anywhere else, we guarantee it. Our work is fantastic because we truly love what we do. Here’s a little breakdown of our most common services that we specialize in around Hendersonville and within Henderson County, North Carolina.

Tree Removal

Trees need to be removed for all kinds of reasons. Although, most of the time it’s because the tree was damaged and is in danger of falling. Things like this require immediate service, otherwise you’ll be dealing with insurance companies and a lot of wasted money. We also remove trees that are dead, diseased, dying. In the case of new construction, many homeowners needs trees transplanted or removed to make way for an extension or renovation. We’re true professionals at this as well.

Tree Pruning or Trimming

Tree pruning can be very complicated or cut and dry. There are many different reasons for wanting to prune a tree. Most of the time it has to do with restoring or maintaining a more natural look; especially if a tree has grown out of control. We’ll send workers in to clip branches, removing ones that have grown disproportionately or removing dead, diseased branches. Hendersonville Tree Service has experience working with a huge slew of different tree species. Each species class has different requirements for pruning. This means if done incorrectly, even during the wrong time of the year, your tree can be permanently ruined. Make sure you call someone experienced in pruning.

Tree Planting

Maybe your looking to dress up your landscape a bit more or you already had trees removed and want to plant more. We have access to the most beautiful trees for your planting pleasure. So whatever it takes, our designers can help you pick out a wonderful tree, and plant it properly.

Storm Tree Damage Cleanups/Hazardous Tree Inspections

Unfortunately, storms are something that we have little control over. It’s just something we and our trees have to deal with. The problem with trees is that they’re susceptible to large amounts of damage. Most of it ends up being unseen by us until a large branch or the actual tree collapses.  Not only can we provide you with a thorough on-site inspection of your trees, but we can also clean up your entire yard in the event of a storm. We clean leaves, branches, bark, deadwood and haul it all away.